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Our debut album, out via redfield digital.
Now available on special edition digipak.


released September 6, 2013



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Forever Ends Today Dortmund, Germany

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Track Name: We Are The Fun In Funeral
(99% of us is noise) / Maybe someday I'll be set free / My memories / They will not leave me be / I'm not cold / Though the winter came / unfurled its distorting cloak / over the world / Disturb what this peaceful graveyard soothes / old centuries crumbling to dust / I die each day / Walking beetween tombstones one mile high / And I still strive through what was not meant to die / Eternal watchers blind / remind the fallen child to see / Stand with me
Track Name: This Might Burn A Little
Keep your eyes wide open / we are chasing it down / it's what we were waiting for / awake our minds / we are facing the end / feel the liberation / hear the sounds in the streets / ignite this world / i can recall the light / take a stand / take control / there's no state of oppression and hardship / that we can't overcome / we can fight this / we will stand our ground / justice has been spoken / we are tearing this down / it's too late to turn around / we take a stand / we will never look back / i can recall the light / we came a long way to stand right here / and this is the only chance we have
Track Name: All Hail The Queen Of Sheba!
Come closer / Come at me / bring me to my knees / I won’t bend or break / From your royal gaze / Are you really reaching down to me? / Hanging shoulders / Overburdened thoughts / I can’t afford another step / I know you want it / I gave all I have / And you devoured it / Oh how it pains to feel the emptiness / Thy fucking beauty tightens / Around my pathetic world / I can barely breathe / Your fucking flowered words / Too long I bowed to fake affection / I bent my knee to shallow words / Struck by thy enchanting smile / Forgetting my charred eyes / I’m turning numb and blind
Track Name: A Return To The Crime Scene
just some drops of blood / testify the tragedy / and black doves fly / from the sound of a gun / The ancient walls are crumbling / when echoes are casting shadows / and long lost friends look into your eyes / the clock stops ticking / the glass is shattered baby / take me there / where did this all begin / talk to me just like you understand / Wake me up / what beauties hide there in the half-light
Track Name: Disturb The Waters
This is what I have to fight / I cannot sleep / the only things i can think about / without losing myself / are sad or enraging / I cannot breathe / the only things that can calm me down / without telling the rest / are forbidden to me / I have not found the cure today / this is what i have to fight / i hope you understand / struggling with yourself and what you want to be / or long to be / struck with regret / and discontent / i'm lost when I am faced / with the pace of my world
Track Name: ...So I Became A Phoenix
nothing can undo / what led us to this day / nothing can change what we will accomplish now / always pretending / that i never wanted more / we've got it forever / noone can take it away / take my hand / it's not what they want you to know / it's what makes us infinite / we've got it forever / pretend we fly to the end of this world / ínto the dawn / of a beautiful new one now / rise from the ashes tonight / what are you waiting for so fly / you are infinite
Track Name: That's Definitely No Cigar
This feels to be close enough / You gave my nails too much headache for today / This feels to be close enough / I’m cornered – I’ll be leaving for tonight / Euphoria has left me / Though I still feel her tickling bites inside / These hollow statues look too deep inside my eyes / Your phobia has matched me / Her chilling fingers running up my veins / We’ll meet again / where a dead man kissed the sky / Speak up aphasia / Your silent grin provokes the oldest instincts / It’s Do or Die / For a crippled murderer / Where is the beauty in dying? / Where is the solace in pain? / Where is the falling in flying? / I can’t stand these pure beings no more
Track Name: Time Has Come
You're far beyond / that your worst fears / just only haunt your nights / they have become the salt in your wounds / and even time can't just turn them into scars / everytime you closed your eyes / you left me / you've been somewhere else / now you can't wait for dawn to break / what's been your only chance / to hide it all away / from yourself and the ones you love / where have you been / what have you seen / why did I even have to make this promise / It's such a burden to me / it locked me up in a spiral / on the path of self-destruction / the pain in your eyes / now is mine / and there is nowhere to go / You didn't have to hold your breath forever
Track Name: In Cases Of Emergency
Save me / I'm cursed it seems / Lost hours break me / Though they gave me what I longed for / I can't erase your memory / I wish for innocence / My spirit's covered with your scars / How can they raise me / If I can't erase? / I don't need your condolence / My life is full of all I need / Your juice still stains me / The stench won't fade / No matter how long I let time slip away / I always find the ashes of yesterday / And behind every gentle caress / I fear your fucking skin / One last look on your back before I turn away / Don't ever haunt my dreams again / Baby you know after all / I can't afford dreams of my own / Lost left behind left alone / My soul is a broken home